Spring is in the air as well as in our game. Something has grown up near the lake and floats gently in the wind. New plant species have been born under our graphic designer’s pencil. Last month we mostly focused on improving the appearance of the environment – water, grass, bushes and so much more.

You can see a part of it on this concept:

They’re wobbling on the wind too!

We also want to share the great news! Our team has grown! Welcome Logos, our dedicated level designer. We are very excited about what he can bring to our team! We are really proud of all the new spectrum of mechanics that are waiting for you in this cute adventure!

We are working really hard on prototyping new levels and mechanics to bring as much variety, puzzles and excitement to the game as we can! See you in a short while, when we’ll have some cool technical details on how we’re doing things!


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