How do you think, how many game jams our team could take part in one month?
The answer is two. Well, that’s probably not what you expected. But we are so proud because we have just beaten our record!

GMTK Game Jam 2019

48 hours of this jam passed so fast like it was only 2 days. Even before knowing the main theme we decided that this time we want to make a 3D game. There was only one problem – how to choose only one idea from thousands of thoughts in our minds when the theme of game jam was “only one”? There is only one answer – Flamigos!

Community Game Jam

If GMTK game jam was a fast, exhausting sprint, Community Game Jam was an even faster marathon. A full week of hard work on the game made some of us take days off from work to finish it in time and don’t pass out from tiredness. We will not cheat you: when we found out that the theme of the jam is “The game is a liar” at first we wanted you to be fooled, deceived and lied in many cruel ways. But honestly, how could we do that? Can these eyes tell you lies?

Flamigos and For Fox Sake are ready to be downloaded and played in our Games tab (Windows only). Enjoy!

Game jams are amazing way to challenge yourself, learn new skills and push your limits. Game design, graphic, programming, music and testing mix with each otter to create something exciting. They are also an ocean of stories and small little adventures that we want to share with you in future posts.

The most rewarding time, after the game jam ends, is getting feedback from you! There are so many ways you can reach us! We want to connect people with similar interest on our Discord server. It’s not crowded so we can talk easily.

Sending hedgehugs!

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