Like Einstein once said, constant iteration of your games is a key to success and happy, satisfied players! That’s what we want in our games and Einstein was a cool guy, so naturally, we followed his advice!

So… What have we been iterating on so much? Well, I’m glad you asked! We’ve tried a few things already with our environment, like make it less flat, compared to the first game jam version, so you can play hide and seek with your otters by going behind tall grass!

Orchid is hiding from Oliver! Can you spot her?

We’ve also seen more water variants than we’ve ever imagined we’ll be making. Like every 2 weeks we’ve come out with different design or implementation and we’re not there yet! We think good looking water is crucial in our game. We need to make swimming feel good because that’s where our otters would be spending most of their time!

One of the older water iterations

Dialogues… We were so happy when we added them, but there was something that we didn’t like and we haven’t really known what. After some brainstorming, we’ve decided that making clouds with text over a speaking character (you can see those on a previous post) was bad for a few reasons. To really enjoy the dialogue we had to constantly shift our focus on different parts of the screen and be ready for the dialogue to pop out literally in every place. Moving characters haven’t helped, because the dialogue was following them which made it even harder to read.

Our solution ( For now* ; ) ) turned out to be classic dialogue boxes with avatars (which are still WIP)! That gave our artists even more freedom to express themselves and let our little animals look cute in some other angles! : )

Dialogues are displayed in boxes. You can also notice how the newest water looks like.

For now, we’re trying to make a working first chapter of the game in a “good enough” quality. We want to share it in closed tests to gather feedback and see how people react to it. It will be completed with visual feedback, sounds, music, some polish. We want our testers to feel like it could be a game and not some early prototype (which it is… in a way. shhh : ) )

We invite you to join our discord server! It’s small, but we have to start somewhere! Come and say hi! When we’re ready, we’ll be sharing test build of the game with our Discord users, so you can look forward to it. Bye!

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