Hello internet!

We are a team of friends working in our free time on our first game – Significant Otter!
It’s a puzzle game with a touch of cuteness and beautiful hand drawn graphics. As a very brave otter Oliver you’ll be exploring the world in order to find love, friendships and spend the time having fun!

Significant Otter was created especially for BrackeysGameJam #2 which launched on 16th February 2019. Among dozens of fantastic games and creative ideas our game really stood out for some people, but more importantly, it stood out for us. When we finished the game and shared it with a world, we met with some of the most amazing feedback we haven’t dreamed of receiving. And we are otterly grateful for it! Thanks to that dopamine rush, we have decided to keep the wheel rolling to eventually release the game we always wanted to create. And the ideas we came up with… We think you’ll like it!

You can check out the game jam version here: https://aramilion.itch.io/significant-otter

To keep you updated, we’re going to release at least one post every month talking about interesting things in the development process which happened during that period!
The thing is… We want to go BIG! For our team of course!

If you want a more interactive form of contact with us, make sure to join our discord channel, where we’ll be posting some sneak peeks of art and other things we’ll find out interesting!

Stay tuned!

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