It’s hot out there so take your significant otter for a swim! This time Oliver invited his friend Orchid that was last seen in our game jam version of the game. Now you will have a chance to explore this beautiful world by guiding both of them throughout the world. That means you will also be able to play in multiplayer mode with your loved one!

Our otters are going to have something to say along the way. That’s why we have decided to add dialogues to the game! We really believe this will give the world and animals living there some character. You will be able to experience the story with the accompaniment of dynamic, funny and engaging conversations! We will make sure to tailor them as much as we can! (Including Otter puns. There’s no such thing as too many puns.)

Also, our team grew once again. We were joined by new programmer Artemigos whose skills will surely help us refine our gameplay! This makes us the team of 7, all working part-time to make this thing happen! We can’t wait to share more things with you, but on the otter hand, we don’t want to reveal too much for you to have a little surprise!

We are still learning how to social media, so small mistakes can happen sometimes. For example, now we discovered that we need to accept when a new comment is added to the post… Some of you wanted to share your thoughts about our game and were waiting in queue to be displayed… Shame on us. This will not happen again – you can feel free to leave a comment here or on our social media pages. We would like to know what you think!

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